Apprenticeships at Numatic International Ltd.

Numatic has been running a technician apprentice scheme for over 20 years and many of our key people throughout the company are former apprentices. Not only have 40 plus people successfully completed their training with the company via this route, many of them have won awards at local, regional and national level.

Training technicians, whether it be in Engineering, Polymer studies, R&D, IT or business studies to high professional standards is regarded as essential to the continuous development of the company.

We require Apprentices this year in the following roles:

  • Marketing Apprentice within our Media Department
  • Graphic Design Apprentice within our Media Department
  • Human Resource Apprentice within our HR Department
  • Electrical Maintenance Apprentice within our Maintenance Department
  • Technical Support Apprentices within our Production Engineering Department
  • Robotic/Electronic Apprentices within our Production Engineering Department
  • ICT Networking Apprentice within our Information Systems Department
  • ICT Business Systems Development Apprentice within our Information System Department

Qualifications Required: You should have (or expect to have) a minimum of 5 GCSEs, of which Maths and English are 6 or 7 in the new grading system with the other 3 subjects at least a Grade C. Experience & other qualifications will also be considered.

How to apply: To apply for this opportunity write to us before the closing date of the 29th March 2019 enclosing an application form (can be downloaded here), your CV and a letter explaining what interests you about working with Numatic, together with details of any hobbies, experience and interests that may help with your application. Send your application to: Apprenticeships, Human Resources Department, Numatic International Ltd, Millfield Industrial Estate, Chard, Somerset TA20 2GB

To request more information, please email: or visit our Numatic Apprenticeships Facebook Page or contact us on Twitter.

Quotes from our Apprentices’


I was somewhat sceptical that an apprenticeship was the right way to go, however I’m now glad I took that route. I have been able to benefit from gaining experience within the workplace and complete my qualifications whilst being paid. Some of my friends went to College/University without doing an apprenticeship and now have student fees and loans, which they have to pay back once they get employed; some are even struggling to get employed in the sector they trained in! If they had completed an Apprenticeship they would’ve been paid for the 4 years of the Apprenticeship with no student loan to pay back and be employed by Numatic International.

Trainee Electronics Engineer
Research & Development
Numatic International


I’ve been with Numatic for over ten years now. I started out as a 16 year old apprentice going to a local college while working at Numatic (on a day release basis). Whilst learning, it gave me the opportunity to earn a decent wage. I have now moved into a supervisory position in charge of the Tool room with 10 people working under me. I am constantly continuing to develop myself, gaining valuable experience and skills. I would recommend taking this route for a career in engineering.

Tool Room Supervisor
Numatic International

Scott Connett
Scott Connett - Tool Room Supervisor, Numatic International


I’ve been an apprentice at Numatic for almost 2 years now. In this short time I have already learned and gained valuable skills and continue to develop them throughout the apprenticeship. I changed my career path as I was trained to be a Sous Chef, I was given the chance to move in a new direction and I have never looked back. There are many opportunities to start and further develop your career in engineering within Numatic; I look forward to starting my QCF and proving my competence.

Tool Room Apprentice
Numatic International


After leaving school aged 16 I was left with a very daunting question... Earn or Learn?

This is not an easy decision, if you choose to further your education you then face the hardship of finding part time employment to fit around your studies and attempting to keep yourself afloat. If you choose to go straight into the work place you are then limited within your qualifications and at some point in your life will find yourself top trumped by other applicants for new jobs or promotions. An apprenticeship truly is the answer to this difficult scenario; this career path not only allows you to gain knowledge and experience at a local college, but also in the workplace whilst earning a salary at the same time. It’s the path I choose and with the finish line in sight, I haven’t looked back since!

R&D Test House
Numatic International


I started at Numatic International on the 26th of August 2014 in Production Engineering, so I have been here nearly 5 months now. Time has absolutely flown by and I’ve loved every minute of it. Whilst working practically at college and at work, I’ve gained several skills and built up a good level of knowledge. Apprenticeships are a great route for becoming educated in a particular subject if you are looking to ‘earn whilst you learn’. The way in which the apprenticeships scheme is arranged at Numatic for Engineering in particular is really good because it allows you to gain several well-known recognised qualifications. I have enjoyed the time I have been here, and am really looking forward to the future and becoming an Engineer!

Production Engineering Apprentice
Numatic International

Murray Squire
Murray Squire - Production Engineering, Numatic International


Over the last four years Numatic has provided me with endless opportunities. I have currently progressed from a level 3 networking and telecommunication qualification to a level 5 foundation degree, with the scope of future progression to a level 6 honours degree. Working at Numatic has helped me to increase my technical and practical ability as I have been involved in many complex networking task. I have recently taken on extra responsibility and have started to provide infrastructure support. I personally would strongly recommend undertaking a Numatic Apprenticeship.

Information Systems Networking Support
Numatic International


During the past 3 years at Numatic I have gained invaluable skills in an E-Business Developer role. These skills were rapidly acquired by learning the theoretical aspects at a local college, backed up with practical tasks at work. I started on a Level 3 Apprenticeship in Computing and now I am progressing onto a Level 6 BSc Honours Degree in Computing and Internet Technologies.

Information Systems Development Team
Numatic International


I have only been with Numatic since last September and I have had a wide variety of experience in different areas from Welding to working on the CNC Laser Cutters, this has really helped me find what I excel in as well as what I enjoy the most. I decided at 23 that I would like to ‘give engineering a go and have never looked back’ it was a complete career change. I think the apprenticeship scheme is a great idea as I learn best hands on, so I get on the job experience taught by knowledgeable and experienced Engineers as well getting a recognised qualification by going college several days a week. I will be specialising in a specific area next year and carrying on at college one day a week to continue to expand on my knowledge.

Fabrication Apprentice
Numatic International

Sophie Hobbs
Sophie Hobbs - Fabrication Apprentice, Numatic International


I started my apprenticeship almost a year ago now, and in that short time I have already gained so much experience and learnt a lot! I attended College unsponsored to complete a Diploma which put me in good stead for getting an apprenticeship. I now believe that an apprenticeship at Numatic is definitely the way to go, it has such a good working environment, and everyone is willing to help in everything I do! It is giving me all the relevant qualifications I need for an engineering career and getting paid for it is a bonus! I would recommend taking an apprenticeship as this is the best career choice I have made.

Production Engineering Apprentice
Numatic International


At First, all of my friends from school thought that an apprenticeship was a bad idea, however now that I have started it they can now appreciate how brilliant one is. Whilst they are at UNI getting into a large student loan, I am gaining work experience and recognised qualifications at the same time as earning a decent wage. Not only that, but if I pass all of my college courses, I will have a HNC which is on a level with most engineers. This means that I will have bi-passed the whole expensive University path and will be guaranteed a job at Numatic with a knowledge that is on par with the average engineer.

Electronics Engineering Apprentice
Numatic International

Luke Wells-Burr
Luke Wells-Burr - Electronics Engineering Apprentice, Numatic International


I really liked the sound of being an Electronic Engineer whilst at school, but I did not know the best route to take. Stay on at College/Sixth form and go to University, or get an apprenticeship. I am glad that I chose the apprenticeship route as I have gained so many new skills that I would not have got had I stayed in education. It has benefited me hugely by being in work; I would not have got the same experience if I had not taken the apprenticeship. Added to the fact that I get paid to go to college a few days a week to get qualifications and new skills is great.

Electronics Engineering Apprentice
Numatic International